Photographer Kim Reierson


Photographer Kim Reierson

Kim Reierson Photography Silver Series


Kim Reierson creates art with her camera. She can take a blank piece of paper, fold and arrange it just so, and capture an image so layered and raw, it becomes more than the mere elements of which it’s comprised. Her photos have an organic feel, influenced by her work in oil paints and printmaking, and often focus on lines, shapes and shadows rather than portraying an object or scene. She gravitates towards raw materials, and the natural processes that transform them: the oxidation of metal or the bleed of pure pigments.


Kim Reierson Photography Silver Series Fine Art photography by Kim Reierson


Determining what she considers to be the four main elements that influence her work, glass, metal, refracted light and water, led Reierson to create her Metal Rooms series. Using galvanized braces from the Hardware section, she created “rooms”, and photographed the resulting angles and shadows, a perfect example of her ability to create imagery from the seemingly simple.



Silver Series by Kim Reierson Photography


Kim Reierson Photography Wave PrintKim Reierson Photography Wave Print


As the photographer for Santa Barbara Lighting Company, Reierson uses her artist eye to capture the essence of the lanterns, playing with light, shadows and reflections. She sees them as sculptures and she approaches the shoot accordingly.
Throughout the day, the nature of the glass changes when photographed, sometimes glowing yellow from the light bulb inside, other times reflecting the colors of the sunset.   She enjoys finding beauty in the simple detail of a rivet or the curve of the arm mount.
Exterior Lighting by DLG Lighting Kim Reierson PhotographyKim Reierson Photography and DLG Lighting Co. Collaboration
As the daughter of a career truck driver, Reierson was intrigued by the profession and travelled though out more than twenty states in five years to capture the images she compiled in her book Eighteen: A Look At The Culture That Moves Us.   Through her photographs she tells their stories and gives us an inside look at a rarely seen way of life. Her book focuses not only on the people but on the trucks themselves, as well as the landscapes through which they travel.
Eighteen Kim Reierson Photography Country Road

 Eighteen Kim Reierson Photography Filling StationEighteen Kim Reierson Photography Inside a Truck CabEighteen Kim Reierson Photography Gas Sign


Kim Reierson’s photography has appeared in many national publications including Vogue, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler, House & Garden and National Geographic Magazines. She is represented by the Robin Rice Gallery in NYC.  Visit her website to view her entire portfolio.


Eighteen Kim Reierson Photography Truckers 


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