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Top 5 Traits Series:
A Mediterranean Style Villa


Top 5 Traits Series:
A Mediterranean Style Villa


 Entry way of a mediterranean style villa

We may not all live on the Aegean Sea, but there’s a reason we want our homes to look like we do.  We’ve compiled the top 5 traits of a Mediterranean Villa and a couple ways to get the look without a complete overhaul.  While this look encompasses a broad range of characteristics, these 5 traits are found across the board.

1 - Stucco and Plaster Walls

    This is a big one.  The difference between the two is mainly in the composition.  Typically stucco is used on exterior walls while plaster is primarily used inside and is especially effective when accompanied by bullnose edges on mantles and countertops.
    De La Guerra Lantern and stucco wall - DLG Lighting Co.

    2 - Decorative Wrought Iron

       Intricately patterned lighting, balcony railings, curtain rods and vent covers are all important details to pay attention to when creating a Mediterranean look.  Adding wrought iron window grilles is another option.
      wrought iron balcony on spanish adobe - DLG Lighting Co.wrought iron details on Santa Barbara Adobe - DLG Lighting Co.

      3 - Outdoor Living Spaces

        With an ideal climate, time is spent outdoors just as much as indoors.  Create an outdoor living and dining area, using tile flooring, low profile furniture and maybe even a tiled pond or fountain.  Install sliding or doublewide glass doors to ease the flow between interior and exterior spaces.
        mediterranean style outdoor living space
        Outdoor dining at a Mediterranean Villa

        4 - Terra Cotta Roof Tiles

        A red tile roof is another common characteristic, especially in Mediterranean Revival architecture, which was popular in the United States in the 1920s, and 30s.  Another way to incorporate this look inside the house is by using terra cotta tiles on the floor or on kitchen counter tops.
         red tile terra cora roof in Santa Barbara- DLG Lighting Co. red tile terra cora roof in Santa Barbara- DLG Lighting Co.
        5 - Arched Entryways and Windows
          Plaster and stucco lend themselves to rounded corners and arched entryways.   Circular or arched windows are common as well.
          mediterranean villa arched windows in the living room
          Mediterranean Villa Lighting by DLG Lighting Co.Mediterranean Arched entryway in Santa Barbara  red tile terra cora roof in Santa Barbara- DLG Lighting Co.
          Photos by Kim Reierson and Jim Bartsch
          By Mari Rickard