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A Portrait: Britton Jewett

A Portrait: Britton Jewett

Britton Jewett is an architect in Santa Barbara and the Lead Designer for Santa Barbara Lighting Company.

Britt Jewett of Studio 7Brit grew up in Sandusky, Ohio, “The Rollercoaster Capital of the World.” The son of an architect, who designed and conceptualized many of the rollercoasters in Sandusky, Jewett grew up surrounded by the world of design. “I was exposed to so much architecture and design as a child,” says Jewett in his charmingly chaotic studio in Historic Downtown Santa Barbara, “I identified with the essence of traditional architecture from a very...

Title 24 Requirements

What is it and how does it affect you?
While anyone can download and read California’s exhaustively detailed Energy Efficient Standards, it’s not always the easiest to interpret and apply. Lighting accounts for a ridiculously high amount of energy usage, in both commercial and residential buildings, but while the options these days for decreasing your kilowatt consumption are many, are they in fact compliant with the mandates laid out in the Code of Regulations?
Let’s tackle part 6, Section 150, which addresses Outdoor Lighting. There are two acceptable strategies to getting your project to fall within...

Energy Saving Tips Series:
LED Bulbs

led edison bulb for dog lighting co.


We all love the look of an incandescent light bulb, but with the new LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs available we don’t have to sacrifice style to save energy. 

The Edison style LEDs replicate the shape and filament designs of classic bulbs, but generate far less heat making them much more energy-efficient. 

Like a traditional bulb, they can be dimmed and work with an E26 socket, but unlike their predecessors, they can have a life of 20,000 hours and use 80% less energy.        

We carry a collection of LED Bulbs in various traditional shapes, including tube, candle and globe. Shop now