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Title 24 Requirements


Title 24 Requirements

What is it and how does it affect you?
While anyone can download and read California’s exhaustively detailed Energy Efficient Standards, it’s not always the easiest to interpret and apply. Lighting accounts for a ridiculously high amount of energy usage, in both commercial and residential buildings, but while the options these days for decreasing your kilowatt consumption are many, are they in fact compliant with the mandates laid out in the Code of Regulations?
Let’s tackle part 6, Section 150, which addresses Outdoor Lighting. There are two acceptable strategies to getting your project to fall within the requirements. All lighting must be either High-efficacy lighting, or Low-efficacy lighting with an Installed Control System.


So, what does it mean to be high-efficacy?

Technically the requirements are as follows: 15 watts or less: minimum of 40 lumens/watt, 15 to 40 watts: minimum of 50 lumens/watt and for more than 40 watts: minimum of 60 lumens/watt. Pin-based fluorescents are usually within these guidelines, but aren’t always the most…welcoming.  Many of the new LED bulbs fall within this range, including the ones we offer with our lanterns. Additionally, they are dimmable so you can manually adjust the output according to the needs of the location.

By Jim Rickard

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