Barbara Lowenthal of Harrison Design

Barbara Lowenthal of Harrison Design in Santa Barbara

In 1991, Barbara established her interiors practice in Santa Barbara. A longtime resident of Southern California, Barbara established and directs Harrison Design’s interiors business both in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. She’s spent over 15 years on city and county review boards, has been a leader in education, and in 2007 the city of Santa Barbara presented her with The Saint Barbara Award for her work in historic preservation in the community.

While residential interiors comprise most of her background, her portfolio is peppered with hospitality and commercial design. One of her most rewarding projects is the interiors of an inn created to look circa 1830s, the converted home of “a prominent landowner and Spanish Don.”

An architectural historian and repeat client describes Barbara as tenacious. “If anyone can find what you need, it would have to be her.” From unique fabric to esoteric furniture, Barbara applies that tenaciousness to execution as much as she does to design. Her wealth of resources, deep understanding of historical precedent, and masterful editing makes her expertise highly sought after.

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