High Efficacy Compliance Information

California has adopted a set of standards to regulate energy consumption, laid out in Title 24, with the overall goal of minimizing energy use throughout the state. Residential outdoor lighting should be high efficacy (ex. compact fluorescent) or may be low efficacy (ex. incandescent) if certain requirements are met: the lights should be set to automatically turn on and off as regulated by a motion sensor, a photocontrol or an astronomical time clock, so that lights are only on when needed. The compliance to these requirements rests with the property builders and should be addressed by them. Please note that while screw base LED lamps are technically high efficacy, they are not certified by the Energy Commission. Only LED lamps that work with a GU-24 socket are classified as high efficacy.  We offer GU-24 sockets in all our lights.  Please click the box on the checkout page to select this option. A $25 per unit charge will be added to your order.