Design - New Theme

Santa Barbara Lighting company was born out of the belief that the right light can greatly improve and impact the look of any structure. That right light should be sized appropriately, compliment the architecture, and have a quality presence. By creating a full line, and offering various sizes, finishes and glass options, we’ve streamlined the customization process so you can get that right light, with the right specs in as soon as 4 weeks. After years working as a developer and seeing the need for stylish, quality lighting, Santa Barbara lighting company President, Jimmy Rickard, co-founded Forged Lighting to fill that void, but soon realized that his vision was pulling him in a different direction, one where the customer experience was simplified, the product improved and the lead times shortened. THUS Santa Barbara lighting company WAS BORN.

Britt Jewett knew at an early age that art was the principal lens through which he saw the world and was thus drawn to the field of architecture. After his studies at Ohio State, Britt moved to California where he furthered his understanding of the field. His practice extends outside of traditional architecture with his exploration of different design themes such as set, furniture and installation. Influenced by a variety of historic and contemporary sources, Britt finds inspiration in his involvement in local art and cultural groups, such as Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Opera Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County Courthouse Legacy Foundation.

Santa Barbara Lighting company’s Collaboration with Britt Jewett has resulted in a line of lighting fixtures that is truly unique. While designs are often inspired by recognizable sources, from Navajo rugs to Moroccan tile, they always start with the material. The nature of iron and the history of iron artistry inform Britt’s designs and show in the detail. He believes that while technological innovations should be embraced and utilized, there is nothing like the fabrication and construction methods used before they existed. Rivets were used as fasteners, woodworkers favored the dovetail joint and walls were made of plaster. Britt’s designs embrace these techniques as they not only serve a purpose, but add beauty and character.